Millions of people need blood transfusions each year. Some may need blood during surgery. Others depend on it after an accident or because they have a disease that requires blood components. Blood donation makes all of this possible.

Through our platform we connects blood donors to those who in need of blood.

Benefits of Blood Donation-

  • Aids in weight loss of donors
  • Helps to prevent cancer
  • Lowers risk of homochromatosis
  • Helps prevent heart and liver ailments caused by iron overload
  • Boosts production of new blood cells and promotes good health

How it works?

  • Step 1 - Register as a Blood Donor at
  • Step 2 - Your information is securely stored with us.
  • Step 3 - When someone contacts us for a Blood Donor, we contact you.
  • Step 4 - If you are available, you donate the blood.

Blood Donation Drive at Ennovata Office (Date : 21/06/2017)